Human Blood-based Products

  • Tested negative or non reactive by FDA licensed tests for infectious disease markers: anti-HIV 1 & 2, HBsAG, anti-HCV, and other selected markers.
  • Each product is traceable back to the donor, and additional information such as age, gender and geographic information is available upon request. (fresh units available for overnight shipments)
  • Each donor is verbally and physically screened to comply with the most stringent FDA regulations. Products are obtained from volunteer and paid donors throughout the US.
  • Pricing is based upon quantity ordered and information requested.
  • Supply agreements and long-term contracts are available.
Human PlasmaPart #Human Whole Blood ProductsPart #
EDTA PlasmaHB-110P
Off the clotHS-100S
Heparinized Plasma
HB-120POff the clot MaleHS-110S
Fresh Frozen Plasma
HB-130POff the clot FemaleHS-120S
Recovered Human PlasmaHB-140PFresh Whole Blood (Specify Anti-Coagulant)WB-190
Hemolyzed Plasma
HB-150PBuffy Coats (PBMC’s)BC-155
Lupemic PlasmaHB-160PRed CellsRC-170
Diagnostic Source PlasmaHB-170PSpecialty Blood Products 
  Cerebral Spinal FluidHSP-110
  Amniotic FluidHSP-100