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Plasma Collection Center

Access Biologicals LLC is the market leader in the collection and distribution of Human-Based Biological products. The markets we support are in-vitro diagnostic manufacturing, biopharmaceutical research and diagnostic development of new test kits.

Our donor recruitment office is located in Vista, CA and our donation facilities are located throughout the USA. Access Biologicals has the exclusive access to Plasma Donor Centers located throughout the USA where over 8 million procedures are performed in FDA-licensed and regulated facilities. Donor testing and donor examinations are performed in accordance with current FDA regulations allowing us to deliver high quality and consistent Human Blood Products. Access Biologicals also has recently purchased its own plasma facility located in Indianapolis, IN called Saturn Biomedical/Access Plasma.

With our own highly trained Donor Recruiters, Plasma Collection Facilities and unparalleled access to over 8 million plasma collections, Access Biologicals LLC is in a unique position to become the “Advocates of a Healthier Tomorrow.”

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