Albumin & Gamma Globulin

Albumin & Gamma Globulin

Access Biologicals offers human-derived proteins in both powder and solution formats.

Powders are soluble, off-white, diagnostic grade of ultra-high purity, fractionated according to Cohn Cold Alcohol techniques from fully traceable, documented plasma from U.S. sources.

Solutions are available in a variety of concentrations suitable for diagnostic or cell culture upgrades and can be custom manufactured to meet your specifications.

All units of plasma used to manufacture Access Biological’s Albumin Powders and solutions were collected exclusively in the U.S., and have been tested and found to be non reactive for HBsAG, Anti-HCV, Anti-HIV-1 and 2.


98% Protein with Albumin Purity levels >97%, virtually inactivated, low endotoxin and low protease levels. Ideal choice for sensitive diagnostic assays and applications, extensively tested for a full panel of safety and analytical data.

Convenience/Selection Diagnostic Grade Therapeutic Grade
Human Serum Albumin Powder HSA-130 CGHSA-100
Human Serum Albumin Liquid 20% HSA-140 CGHSA-100
Human Serum Albumin Liquid 25% HSA-150 CGHSA-100
Human Gamma Globulin Powder HSA-160 n/a
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