Access Biologicals is a national company whose corporate headquarters is located in Vista, CA. We contract with plasma centers across the country with these programs, therefore giving donors wherever they live access to licensed FDA plasma facilities to participate in these unique programs. Access Biologicals also now owns its own plasma center located in Indianapolis, IN called Saturn Biomedical.

Once a donor qualifies for the program and has been screened and deemed to be acceptable for the program and by center guidelines, we locate the nearest facility to your home/work and advise you of the location when we are ready to set up your appointment with the center to donate.

If there is no center near you and you do qualify and would like to participate, we can travel you to the nearest facility at no cost/expense to you. We will arrange all travel arrangements and pre-pay all of those expenses and you will still get your donor payment each time you donate.

Do you qualify?
Please take a moment to go through our pre-screening form and
find out if you qualify and where you can donate.
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