How often can one donate blood?

How often can one donate blood | AccessClinical

Donating blood is an important activity that every healthy donor should do. Cytomegalovirus blood donation at Access Clinical is a rewarding and worthwhile activity that makes you feel positive about giving back to the community while earning cash in return! It has very few side effects which can be avoided by eating well and staying hydrated. You must avoid all  kinds of heavy lifting activities after your donation and ensure that you get enough rest for that day.

Your body will immediately replace the lost blood and you will feel completely fine again. A single donation of yours will help save up to 3 lives and help hospitals and clinics maintain a vital supply of blood that will be ready for patients who face emergencies. If you’ve travelled, feel unwell, got a tattoo recently or are pregnant, you must consult with a doctor prior to donating blood.

There are several factors that determine the eligibility of a donor. If you have a medical condition or any questions related to cytomegalovirus blood donation, Access Clinical can answer them for you and help you understand the process prior to your donation. We thoroughly screen every donor before their donation to minimise any risk of infection to the receiver and to ensure the health of the donor as well. You might experience some symptoms after your cytomegalovirus blood donation which can include lightheartedness.

If you feel unwell on the day of the donation, we request you to stay home and come back on a day when you feel completely healthy and fit. Pregnant women have to wait for a minimum of 6 weeks after giving birth to come back and donate blood at Access Clinical. If you do not have sufficient iron levels or suffer from anaemia, you will not be able to donate blood. Prior to Donating blood, you’ll have to undergo a test that will determine your hemoglobin levels. If you have low iron levels, you’ll have to wait until your iron levels increase so you can be eligible to donate.


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