Your hepatitis plasma donation is needed for therapies and research

Your hepatitis plasma donation is needed for therapies and research | AccessClinical

Plasma is one of the most dominant components of human blood. Your blood comprises 55% of plasma which is a transparent coloured fluid consisting of large amounts of protein, water, enzymes and salt. Plasma plays a vital role in the human body by carrying growth promoting components such as hormones and proteins to different parts of the body. Hepatitis plasma donation at Access Clinical is a great way to help others that are battling the same disease as you through therapies and transfusions.

Plasma is a great way to transport medicines through the body by binding it. Plasma is a wellspring of proteins, coagulation factors, albumin and fibrin which play a key role in maintaining osmotic pressure in the body. If you want to make a hepatitis plasma donation, all you have to do is walk into Access Clinical and we’ll guide you through the process. Starting with a mini physical, we’ll be able to determine your eligibility and help you proceed towards donating.

We’ll answer any questions you might have about the process and even let you know how your Hepatitis plasma donation will be used and where it will go! All you have to do is relax in a chair and you’ll be compensated for your donation at the end of the process. Hepatitis plasma donation is a growing necessity which can be fulfilled only with the help of donors. Your donations will be collected and used for medical treatments. Donating at Access Clinical is a completely safe and sound process.

You will donate your plasma through a process in which whole blood will be drawn from your body and then a machine will separate your plasma from the blood. All the other components of your blood will be returned back to your body after plasma is extracted from it. In most cases, you will also receive saline to replace the withdrawn plasma. The entire donation process takes about an hour and an eligible donor can donate plasma once in every 28 days.


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